Spaz & Tiaz Odia present dual sides of desire in new 2-track single ‘Work/Heart & Soul’

Spaz, an esteemed producer and sound engineer, and Tiaz Odia, a burgeoning Afrobeats artiste, have released a captivating two-track single, “Work/Heart & Soul.”

This release, according to a statement, blends Afrobeats and pop-soul to explore the contrasting facets of desire and love.

“Work” captures the essence of sensuality and intimacy, enveloping listeners in its sultry rhythms and suggestive lyrics. The track’s lush production and Tiaz Odia’s emotive vocal delivery create an evocative narrative of physical desire, reminiscent of late-night moments where passion and connection converge.

In stark contrast, “Heart & Soul” embraces a tender, affectionate vibe. This track exudes warmth and sincerity, with heartfelt lyrics and a gentle melody that celebrates love in its purest form. It highlights the emotional depth and vulnerability inherent in genuine affection.

Spaz’s extensive experience, including collaborations with top Nigerian artistes like BNXN signee Taves, Majeeed of Dream Empire, and Ria Sean of Chocolate City, shines through in the rich sonic landscape of these tracks. The synergy between Spaz’s production prowess and Tiaz Odia’s soulful voice makes “Work/Heart & Soul” a must-listen for contemporary Nigerian music fans.

The single is available for private listening on SoundCloud here and will be released on all streaming platforms on Thursday, June 20, 2024 here.

Tiaz Odia from Southern Nigeria is fully immersed in music as a singer-songwriter and producer. Born in the early 2000s, Tiaz draws inspiration from artistes like Wande Coal, Justin Bieber, Wizkid and Khalid. His distinctive velvet vocals, emotive lyrics, and compelling melodies have earned him recognition as a rising star in the music industry. Recently, Tiaz received a co-sign from Mr. Eazi, further solidifying his status.

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Spaz, on the other hand, is a Lagos-based producer and sound engineer who has been a significant force in the Nigerian music scene since age 11. His career spans over a decade, featuring collaborations with top artists like Taves, Majeeed, Tariq, and Ria Sean. Spaz’s passion for music and his innovative approach continue to push the boundaries of Afrobeats and contemporary Nigerian sounds.

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