Chike shares soulful ballad ‘Man Not God’

Chike has unveiled his first single of the year, “Man Not God,” in a bold and introspective musical endeavor.  This soul-stirring folk ballad dives deep into themes of faith, human limitations and the omnipotence of a higher power, marking a significant addition to Chike’s growing repertoire.

“Man Not God,” says a statement, draws its inspiration from the timeless classic “Ife Si Na Chi” by the legendary Celestine Ukwu. Chike, an award-winning Nigerian artiste, masterfully blends traditional Nigerian motifs with contemporary storytelling, producing a track that is both innovative and steeped in cultural heritage. The single is produced by Deeyasso and meticulously mastered by NewMix, resulting in a haunting melody that complements Chike’s signature soulful vocals.

The track’s rich acoustic instrumentation and heartfelt delivery create an intimate atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on their own spiritual journeys and the influence of the divine. Chike’s lyrics, laden with wisdom and humility, resonate with those grappling with the complexities of faith and the realization of human limitations.

“Over time, I’ve come to believe that my journey, not just as an artiste but as a human being, is ultimately guided by a higher power,” Chike shares. “Man tries to play God, maybe to attain a certain level of finality, but I have come to see that the will of man is inconsequential after events play out, and I see how far away from man’s will they go. I am confident in my beliefs and think it is okay to challenge imposing thoughts.”

As the first single from his forthcoming album “Son of Chike,” “Man Not God” serves as both a homage to the past and a bold step forward. Chike’s reflective lyrics and emotive performance underscore the importance of embracing our humanity while acknowledging the supreme power of the divine. 

Fans and new listeners alike can experience the profound depths of “Man Not God” and join Chike on this introspective journey by streaming the single on various platforms here.

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