Lumie vOd unveils a deeply personal journey in latest single, “CALM”

Oluokun Pelumi, known professionally as Lumie vOd, has released his latest single, “CALM” in a move that has captivated music enthusiasts and touched the hearts of his fans. 

With his previous hit, “Tanna Tanna,” Lumie vOd has ventured into a completely new musical dimension with “CALM.” This release marks a pivotal moment in the artiste’s career as he delves into the intricacies of his love life and bares his authentic life story.

Inspired by the recent end of his romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Lumie vOd found the courage to share his inner turmoil through his music. Despite his enduring deep affection for his former partner, he decided to let go. “CALM” is a poignant reflection of the emotional turbulence and heartache he experienced during this challenging time.

Lumie vOd opened up about his creative process, stating, “Emotions are raging, I’ve loved and been heartbroken, so let me share some with y’all.”

This introspective release is a testament to Lumie vOd’s artistic evolution, showcasing his ability to channel personal experiences into his music. With “CALM,” he not only offers fans a glimpse into his own vulnerability but also resonates with anyone who has navigated the complexities of love and loss.

Listeners are invited to experience “CALM” and connect with Lumie vOd’s emotional journey here.

Stay updated with Lumie vOd on his social media platforms: Instagram and X (Twitter)

Lumie vOd’s “CALM” is a powerful reminder of the strength that can be found in vulnerability, and it’s bound to leave a lasting impact on the music scene and the hearts of those who tune in.


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