Megan Fox reveals shocking details of abusive relationships with “very famous” individuals

In a candid interview with Good Morning America, Hollywood actress Megan Fox recently shared harrowing details about her tumultuous dating history, describing some of her past relationships as “horrific.” 

The Transformers star, who is currently engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, spoke openly about her experiences with both physical and psychological abuse.

Fox, 37, refrained from naming the individuals involved but did confirm that they were “very famous” people. This revelation has sparked curiosity about her past connections, including her previous marriage to Brian Austin Green and her romantic involvements with actors Shia LaBeouf and David Gallagher.

In a surprising twist, the actress hinted at her abusive experiences through her newly released collection of poems, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” She clarified that the poems were not intended as a memoir or exposé but rather as a creative expression. Some poems in the collection allude to her grief over a miscarriage and delve into the pain of past relationships.

Megan Fox, who began dating Machine Gun Kelly in 2020, dedicated several poems to her fiancé, referencing him as a “32-year-old narcissist” and a “true love, twin flame.” Her openness about the challenging aspects of her past and her present happiness with Machine Gun Kelly has resonated with fans. Despite the pain and trauma, Megan Fox has found solace and strength in her relationship with her fiancé and in her creative pursuits.

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