Carlos Santana releases “Joy” with Chris Stapleton

Carlos Santana has released the fourth single “Joy,” a collaboration with Chris Stapleton, who also produced the track, off his upcoming new album, Blessings and Miracles, (BMG), out October 15, reports AmericanSongwriter.

According to the report, named after one of Carlos Santana favourite words, “Joy” is a bluesier reggae-rock track building around a communal chorus of the word with Santana’s guitar impeccably poking around a call for more love and unity in All I was afraid of / Bringing me down / All the walls around love / Falling to the ground… And I keep on pushing / Through the good and the bad / And I believe / Because I have joy.

“I was very intrigued to work with Chris,” Santana tells the outlet. “We talked on the phone about the Covid situation and how there’s so much fear in the world, and I said, ‘We need to create music as a healing force. We must bring hope and courage and disinfect twisted minds infected with darkness.’”

Santana adds, “That gave him the ammunition to write such incredible words. Somewhere I said, ‘flying on the wings of angels,’ so it’s a collaboration. And what an incredible song it is. The choir in it, it’s like the Staple Singers.”

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