Show Dem Camp, Tems, Ycee, Vector, Reekado Banks, BOJ, Ajebutter22 thrill fans at Palmwine Fest 2019

Shout-out to Show Dem Camp. The ladies definitely had a great time.
For Show Dem Cap, it’s been a run that continues to gather pace by the year. For the first six years of their run in the consciousness of Nigerian music, they were absolutely niche. They boasted a cult following and built a loyalty with accessibility and relatable content.

But starting in 2017, they found a way around that to break their glass ceiling. They began to make music for the heart with content dipped in ‘wash,’ (love songs), a heart of gold and the embodiment of Hip-Hop. Although totally rapping in English, they had the potential to appeal to regular Nigerians.

Led by the mercurial Spax, they found a sound that’s totally built on African folk music cut from the ‘chill and unwind fabric’ and termed it ‘palmwine music.’ Although they still remain very niche, they now have a sub-mainstream appeal and following. The people who love Show Dem Camp don’t just love them, they live that love and cherish the opportunity of seeing them.

Sometime in 2018, Tec and Ghost came to Pulse Nigeria for an interview to promote Palmwine Music II. As they were in the studio, certain ladies pointed fingers as they passed by the studio that had a transparent glass barricade. On their way out, an employee of Ringier Nigeria who was at the rooftop scream the lines, “It’s up to you, I’m so ready…”

She was smiling and was engrossed in her act as she clutched her chest and smile. At the end, she waved and asked if a Palmwine Fest would be held in December 2018. The event held and by 2019, the fan base continues to grow.

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