Reckless Lifestyles, Tainted Friendships & Unexpected Outcomes on Episode 6 of MTV Shuga Naija

Season 6 of MTV Shuga Naija has been serving our boy, Tobi, Gbas Gbos, left, right and centre. And it’s even worse than the legendary punch to the face he received from Leila’s uncle last season.

First, he fell in love with a “runz babe”, and well, that ended in tears. Then his reunion with his sister MJ isn’t exactly the happy family reunion anyone would hope for. And even though he finally grew enough balls to do the right thing by testifying against Bada, his friendship with both Faa and Khalil doesn’t look like it’s ever going to get back on track again. And then to top it all off, his days of reckless sexual activities may have finally caught up with him.

And he isn’t the only one. Diana seems to have gotten herself into a big mess too and she can’t jump her way out of this one.

The episode also sees Faa trying to shake off Angel who has gone from a helper to a full-blown stalker, as she continues on her hustle to create a better life for herself and her family.

Ebisinde and Cynthia’s love story is in full bloom and not even Wasiu or Diana’s taunting can stop them.

Frances is gradually opening up to her friends and becoming receptive of their warmth and support, thanks to therapy.

Watch it all go down in Episode 6 below.

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