Nicolas Cage’s ‘Longlegs’ hits 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Nicolas Cage’s new movie, “Longlegs,” is shaping up to be one of the most intense horror films of the decade, with its Rotten Tomatoes score confirming its potential, per Although audiences must wait until July 12 to experience the “unholy” horror of 2024, critical reviews have already awarded “Longlegs” a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer.

The movie, directed by Osgood Perkins and starring Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage, follows FBI Agent Lee Harker as she investigates a series of unsolved serial killer murders. Drawing comparisons to Silence of the Lambs, “Longlegs” has captivated critics and generated significant buzz through its cryptic trailers and eerie promotional campaigns.

Critics have praised the film for its terrifying atmosphere and relentless scares. Katie Rife from IGN noted, “There are moments when *Longlegs* feels like a movie you’ve seen before, but with an evil filter laid over it: This is both a weakness and a strength, as Perkins’ horror surrealism renders the familiar strange, and the strange familiar.”

Meagan Navarro from Bloody Disgusting wrote, “‘Longlegs’ gets under your skin and stays there, immersing you so thoroughly in the repulsive, discomforting nature of evil through terrifying imagery and a tactile atmosphere that it’s unshakable.”

J Hurtado from ScreenAnarchy described it as a “masterpiece; an unholy, horrifying confluence of high art and anxiety, a film in which every frame is a nightmare, and it’s beautiful.”

“Longlegs” premieres in theatres on July 12.


  • Featured image: Maika Monroe (who stars alongside Nicolas Cage) in Longlegs/NEON


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