Netflix SA Set To Release Trailer For Its First Horror Flick, “8”

Netflix SA is ready to give us a deep dive into the world of African horror with the release of it’s first African original horror film, “8.”

The movie, which is set to premiere globally on Friday, 19 June, stars Garth Breyetenbach, Inge Beckmann, Keita Luna, and Tshamano Sebe.

8 tells the story of an unaccomplished William Ziel who returns to the farmhouse he inherited from his estranged father with his wife, Sarah, and their adopted niece, Mary. Soon after moving in, they meet a mysterious local outcast Lazarus. Lazarus persuades William to hire him in spite of Sarah’s reservations and successfully forges a kindred bond with Mary, who, like him, still aches for her lost kin. But among the locals, Lazarus is an unwelcome menace who carries a dark secret in his sack: a demon reincarnation of his deceased daughter with an insatiable appetite for human souls.

What happens when reality and superstitions meet?

Watch the trailer below:

Text excluding title courtesy Bellanaija

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