Narrative Landscape Press reveals cover of Hymar David’s memoir

Narrative Landscape Press has unveiled the cover of the extended version of the widely acclaimed memoir, “I For Don Blow but I too Dey Press Phone” by Hymar David. 

This expanded edition dives deeper into David’s journey, exploring his upbringing surrounded by silence, intense familial love and the struggle to be seen and heard in a world that often overlooks those like him.


The memoir begins with a poignant realisation: “The first time I tried hearing aids, I realised the world was too damn loud for me.” From there, David’s narrative takes readers on a powerful journey through love, hate, sibling rivalry and the unique perspective of someone from a community often marginalised and unheard.

Stay tuned for the release of this compelling memoir from Narrative Landscape Press.

In addition to Hymar David’s memoir, Narrative Landscape Press earlier in the month presented four captivating titles for your April reading list:

Non-Fiction: Sand, Sun and Surprises by Prof E S Akpata, which memorialises the decades that Prof E S Akpata spent living and working as a Nigerian expatriate in the oil-rich Middle East.

Children: The Cooking Contest by Efe Farinre in which there is to be a cooking contest to decide the owner of a disputed piece of land, Tortoise or Lion?

Memoir: Psst… Just Saying by Obafunke the author draws readers out of their comfort zone into her orbit without apologising for her viewpoint.

Fiction: Truth Is a Flightless Bird by Akbar Hussam in which President Obama’s historic visit to Nairobi is the electric backdrop to the story of a pastor who plunges into the slums to rescue the woman he loves from the clutches of a Somali drug lord.

From travelogues to captivating mysteries, Narrative Landscape Press has something for every reader. Explore these engaging titles and more at

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