SGaWD quenches thirst with steamy summer anthem ‘Juice Box’

SGaWD is back with “Juice Box,” a sizzling new song guaranteed to be a summer anthem, a refreshing blend of pop, R&B and hip-hop influences, creating an irresistible track that celebrates confidence and female sexuality. 

SGaWD’s signature “shape-shifting” vocals take centre stage, effortlessly transitioning from smooth seduction to soaring power on the catchy chorus.  

The unshakeable chorus “Juice box / Take a sip out my juice box / Take a sip bae don’t u stop” is a sugary earworm that will burrow into your brain and get you grooving. The driving beat and playful lyrics are a delicious invitation to have a taste of what Sgawd and Moliy are offering.

The song’s hypnotic soundscape, produced by Jesse Alordiah, features pulsating beats, swirling synths, and playful clicks and beeps, creating a futuristic backdrop for SGaWD’s dynamic performance.  

Sgawd and Moliy/ONErpm

“Juice Box” marks a sweet departure from the high-energy dance vibes of her previous singles “Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor” and the bold attitude of “BoyToy.” This soulful track showcases SGaWD’s artistic growth and her ability to deliver multifaceted performances. 

“Juice Box” is the final single from her sophomore project, and it’s sure to leave you wanting more. Get your groove on and quench your thirst for good music by listening to “Juice Box” here and  connect with SGaWD on Instagram and X for the latest updates.

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