Niran Adedokun releases new book, ‘Every Journalist Must Write a Book’

Niran Adedokun, renowned journalist, columnist and biographer, has released a new book titled Every Journalist Must Write a Book, now available on

Adedokun, a respected figure in the Nigerian media landscape, is known for his insightful commentary and engaging prose. This latest work serves as a call to arms for his fellow journalists, urging them to take pen to paper and write a book.

Every Journalist Must Write a Book is more than just motivational rhetoric, Adedokun, having learned the downsides of not pursuing authorship early in his career, shares valuable insights and practical advice. He outlines compelling reasons why journalists are particularly well-suited to write books, drawing on real-life examples of accomplished journalist-authors, both living and deceased.

The book goes beyond simply convincing journalists to write. Adedokun delves into the crucial aspects of selecting a topic and navigating the writing process itself. By the time readers finish Every Journalist Must Write a Book, they will not only have a clearer idea of what they could write about, but also the motivation and confidence to begin their own literary journeys.

This book serves as a powerful resource for anyone who has ever dreamt of becoming an author but has been held back by self-doubt or a lack of direction. Adedokun’s message is clear: writing a book is achievable, and Every Journalist Must Write a Book provides the roadmap to get there.

Adedokun is no stranger to the world of authorship. Beyond his journalistic accomplishments, he is also the author of several well-received books, including:

Ladies Calling The Shots, The Man the Soldier the Patriot: Biography of Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, The Law is an Ass: A Collection of Short Stories and The Danfo Driver In All Of Us and Other Essays.


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