My life in the bush of books – Tope Oshin, director of MTV Shuga, producer and show runner

1.    Favourite book ever: The Carnivorous City by Toni Kan

2.    Why? It’s a beautiful blend of romance, thriller and adventure, and embodies within it skilfully the promise of more than just what it seems like on surface value with each page you turn. It kept me on my toes, wanting more with each page turned.

3.    Last book read?  Naked by Ese Ark

4.    Packing for a journey and allowed to take one book. What will it be?  The Famished Road by Ben Okri

5.    Why? The book, from reviews is considered one of the greatest books one must read, and I just have never gotten to read it. I look forward to, with a clear relaxed mind, which is why I would take it on a trip, far away from the entanglements of work.

6.    Who is your favourite author/writer? : It would have to be between Chimamanda Adichie and Toni Kan.

8.    Do you think Nigerians read? : Oh, Nigerians definitely read. What they read, is now the question. I do believe to a large extent that they read more e-content than books. Social media posts, Blogs, online publications, e-books, hard books, in that order. My opinion.

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