My life in the bush of books- Obari Gomba (Ph.D) poet &teacher

1.    Favourite book ever – I have no favourite book. However, I love Wole Soyinka’s ‘You Must Set Forth at Dawn’ and Salman Rushdie’s ‘Joseph Anton’.

2.    Why? Both books are great narratives on the human society, and they show the challenges that writers face in a contentious world.

3.    Last book read? Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s ‘Birth of a Dream Weaver’.

4.    Packing for a journey and allowed to take one book. What will it be? The Bible.

5.    Why? It is a perfect blend of divine and human stories; its tenor is diverse; its human-angle is not limited to time and place.

6.    Who is your favourite author/writer? Wole Soyinka

8.   Do you think Nigerians read? Yes. Nigerians read, and we have to make more Nigerians read.

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