My life in the bush of books- Ayodele Arigbabu writer/architect/creative technologist

1.   Favourite book ever: – I can’t say, different books excite me for different reasons.

2.    Why?: – I’m a promiscuous reader.

3.    Last book read?: -The last book I finished reading is Barricade, a science fiction romp by Jon Wallace. But there are up to five books splayed open face down all over the house at different stages of being read or re-read. That’s how I roll.

4.    Packing for a journey and allowed to take one book. What will it be?: – I don’t know, it depends on what mood I’m in at the time and what currently holds my interest. Does it count if I carry a tablet loaded with about 2,000 e-books?

5.    Who is your favourite author/writer?: – Me. I don’t have a favourite, my reading habit is pretty random, so while I have some authors I have enjoyed in the past, there is none I would consider my absolute favourite, well, apart from me.

6.    Do you think Nigerians read? I don’t think Nigerians read, I know Nigerians read, and they don’t just read, they read a whole lot. On and off Facebook.

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