Maxy Manorh’s debut album “Celebration” unites cultures and hearts

Maxy Manorh, a cultural luminary from Cameroon’s Manyu Division, unveils his debut album, “Celebration.” With over 14 years in music, Manorh’s unique voice unites genres and cultures, creating an album that resonates with the people.

“Celebration” is a merge of Ekpe rhythms and Afro vibes, inviting the Manyu community to embrace achievements and blessings. “The Way She Loves Me” blends Congolese Rhumba, Caribbean rhumba, and pop.

Beyond musical prowess, Manorh’s philanthropic endeavors shine. His powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence forge lasting connections with audiences, while his commitment to social change amplifies his impact.

Tracks like “Dodo,” “Muerewa,” and “My Story” blend Afrobeats, Makossa blues, and Congolese Tchatcho, narrating stories of love and growth. Notably, “Papa” pays heartfelt tribute to Manorh’s father through Makossa fusion.

Maxy Manorh’s debut album “Celebration” stands as a remarkable debut, fusing cultures and hearts while showcasing Manorh’s musical and philanthropic influence.

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