USU Art Museum wraps up nearly 2-year ‘Unearthed’ exhibition

The “Unearthed: Ceramics Collection” at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art has drawn attention to the rich diversity of ceramic art, featuring both established and emerging artists, per

The exhibition, which highlighted the work of women and Indigenous artists, showcased the historical significance of ceramic art across the Western United States.

Featuring artists from various tribes and alumni from Utah State University ceramics programmes, the exhibition provided a platform for artists to explore their cultural backgrounds and artistic endeavours.

An artist and some of the works/NEHMA

“We wanted a variety, we want some brown pots, and we want some colourful, and ones that are experimenting, showing concurrently that in any given time, an artist and the work that they’re making is a reflection of their experiences, their interests, their play, their cultural traditions, or interest and new ideas that they’re bringing into the world,” explained Katie Lee-Koven, the executive director & chief curator of NEHMA.

In conjunction with the closing, “Unearthed” has published a book featuring the ceramic art from the exhibition, providing a valuable resource for ceramicists and collectors alike. “This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” Lee-Koven said. “I want to share that for ceramicists and collectors of ceramics, to have a resource book that helps them learn about new artists, maybe new ideas.”

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