Korede Bello Debuts on Accelerate TV’s ‘The Cover’

This music star has been off the radar for a while, only for him to appear out of the blue with a new look and a new song “Sun Mo Mi” that came just in time for Valentine’s Day… We seriously will miss his signature look, the jerry curl.

Mavin Records’ Korede Bello is the latest star on Accelerate TV’s The Cover.

In this interview, Korede Bello reveals why he’s been away, steps he’s taken towards reinventing his sound and also what to expect this 2020.⠀

On his music break

Where have I been? I’ve been around, never left, I’ve been working on my craft, been re-inventing myself, been working on sharpening my skills and figuring out what really matters in this life.

On pressure from fans to release a new song during the hiatus

I did feel a certain type of pressure to give my fans a part of me because I see the genuineness, they keep messaging me every day to ask where I am. And for me, life is about community and what I’ve always tried to do with my music is to bring people together, and because of that, I’ve felt the need to release music for them.

Speaking of music is Korede Bello’s sound different now?

My sound is my essence, my sound is in my meaning and what I mean by that is, it’s not really about the sound, it’s more about what the sound is expressing. My sound expresses joy, hope, and love. I’ve never been the type to be limited, from my first song “African Princess” to “Godwin”, these are different songs; none of those songs sounds alike, in terms of sound. I’m not the type to be put in a box, as long as I feel the need to express myself with a particular type of sound, I will do it.

On future collaborations

I will be doing a lot of collaborations, especially collaborating with new cats, because it feels good to put people on, cause I was put on as well. So I’ll be looking out for talented people to just make beautiful music with.

To get all the scoop from the interview, watch the video below.

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