Internet loves Bruce Willis’ wife Emma’s emotional video

Bruce Willis Photo: Instagram

Emma Heming, whose husband of 13 years Bruce Willis is suffering from frontotemporal dementia is getting a lot of love online for sharing a heartwarming video of the beloved actor.

The video shows Bruce, 67, proudly reading from a magazine article about Emma’s business venture, CocoBaba, and expressing his admiration for his wife’s accomplishments.

The couple has been receiving an outpouring of love and support from fans worldwide since the announcement of Bruce’s diagnosis, and Emma has been providing regular updates on their journey.

The video was discovered via Instagram’s ‘Memories’ feature. “USA Weekly, interview with Emma Heming-Willis, founder and CEO of CocoBaba,” reads Bruce, proudly.

“How about it?” he goes on, before adding: “I’m crazy about it!”

Emma had shared the video with the caption: “My #1 fan,” along with a heart and exclamation emoji.

She wrote: “What’s this new memory thingy on IG!? OMG my biggest fan. I’m in love with him.”


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