Herman Suede presents a holiday musical gift EP “A Wonderful Time”

Jason Herman Bortei-Doku, popularly known as Herman Suede, is once again set to captivate the world with his extraordinary talent and diverse music style. Ghana’s rising musical sensation born on November 21, 2002, his journey in the world of music began at the tender age of five when he embarked on a classical music odyssey, mastering the piano and receiving formal music education. He has now honed his musical prowess to become a prominent figure in the fiercely competitive music industry.

Herman Suede’s artistic approach transcends the boundaries of Ghanaian music, blending elements of Afro-pop, R&B, Alté, and Amapiano. With his mesmerizing vocals and lyrics that touch the soul, he has even garnered admiration from industry legends such as will.i.am and Timbaland.

The budding star has already left his mark with the chart-topping hit, “Your Love,” released in August 2023, amassing an impressive 250,000 streams across all major streaming platforms.

Now, Herman Suede returns with his latest musical endeavor, a 4-track EP titled A Wonderful Time. This enchanting EP encapsulates the spirit of celebration, freedom, and joy as the year draws to a close, and we prepare for the festive Christmas season. A Wonderful Time marks Herman’s third multi-track project, following the success of his Bittersweet EP in 2021.

Each track on the EP offers a respite from the stress and anxiety that has weighed us down throughout the year. It encourages listeners to savor life’s pleasures, whether through love, partying, embarking on road trips, or simply taking care of oneself. Each song paints a vivid picture, transporting the audience to a different time and place with every play.

Herman Suede kicks off A Wonderful Time with the lively alté-inspired opener, “Vanilla,” setting the mood for the EP’s journey. He then seamlessly transitions into a traditional Afrobeats love ballad, “Lover,” featuring fellow Ghanaian artiste Niashun. Together, they bring a fresh perspective to the art of courting a love interest and surrendering to passion. Herman continues to explore his musical range with “Wonderful Time,” the title track, which infuses modern elements into palm wine and highlife music, featuring UK artiste Benty. The EP culminates in a high-energy Amapiano-infused club anthem, “Final Destination,” signaling the end of the musical voyage and ushering in the time to party and release pent-up emotions and tension.

Herman Suede’s A Wonderful Time EP is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising a musical journey that will leave you spellbound.

Listen to A Wonderful Time here and embark on a musical adventure with Herman Suede this holiday season. Connect with him on various social media platforms to stay updated on his musical journey.


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