Fred Again.. and Obongjayar team up for enchanting summer love song “Adore U”

Fred Again.. continues to embrace the summer vibes with a heartfelt love song “Adore U.” a collaboration with Nigerian vocalist Obongjayar.

The EDM artiste, according to UPROXX, in this enchanting melody, creates a dazzling and entrancing musical backdrop, complemented by Obongjayar’s soft and melodious vocals.

The chorus of the song resonates with the lyrics, “I adore you / Ooo I adore you / And I pray, pray you never lose yourself / I’m so proud of everything that you are.”

Over the past year, Fred Again.. has transitioned from an underground EDM DJ to a sought-after producer who effortlessly navigates various musical genres. Similarly, Obongjayar is also on a trajectory of growth and recognition.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Obongjayar revealed that emerging from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic has ignited his determination to keep pushing forward.

“After experiencing this two-year ordeal, you emerge straight into action. You feel compelled to seize every opportunity to pursue your passion,” explained Obongjayar. He also stressed the importance of balancing intense periods of work with moments of rest, as prolonged exertion can lead to losing sight of one’s artistic purpose.

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