Fiokee Takes the Mic: Celebrates new year with debut single “If You Don’t Mind”

Fiokee has entered 2024 with a fresh sound and a bold step forward. The acclaimed guitarist and producer’s brand new single, “If You Don’t Mind,” marks a captivating debut as a lead vocalist, showcasing his soulful voice alongside his signature guitar wizardry.

Released Wednesday, January 10, the track, co-produced by Fiokee and Xtofa, is a smooth serenade brimming with romantic promises. “Don’t worry about anything, I’ma give everything,” Fiokee croons, weaving a melodic spell over a bed of catchy hooks and Afrobeat-infused rhythms. 

This marks a new chapter for the seasoned musician, known for his electrifying guitar solos that seamlessly blend highlife tradition with contemporary sensibilities. 

Fiokee’s musical journey began at a young age in a church choir, where he honed his vocal skills and ignited a lifelong passion for music.

Now, as he celebrates his 42nd birthday, Fiokee pushes his artistic boundaries, stepping from behind the guitar to take centre stage as a vocalist. “If You Don’t Mind” is a testament to his artistic evolution, proving his prowess not just as a six-string master, but as a captivating singer as well.

This debut single is more than just a new song; it’s a declaration. Fiokee is not only kicking off the year with a bang, but also embracing a new dimension of his artistic expression. “If You Don’t Mind” is a taste of what’s to come, a promise of captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics delivered with the warmth and skill that only Fiokee can offer.

So, get ready to sway to the rhythm and bask in the smooth sounds of “If You Don’t Mind.” This is Fiokee like you’ve never heard him before, and it’s only the beginning.

artistic expression.

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