Skepta takes down “Gas Me Up (Diligent)” cover art following Holocaust comparisons

Skepta faced backlash for the cover art of his upcoming single “Gas Me Up (Diligent),” leading him to remove it after accusations of evoking imagery reminiscent of the Holocaust per

The rapper took to social media to issue an apology, clarifying that the artwork was inspired by 1980s UK football culture, part of his broader album theme centered on his parents’ arrival in the UK during that era.

In a statement, Skepta expressed disappointment that the cover was interpreted offensively and emphasized that it was not his intention. He vowed to be more mindful in the future and shared images from the mood board for his album Knife & Fork, providing context for the artistic choices.

Despite the controversy, Skepta reassured fans that “Gas Me Up (Diligent)” would still be released on Friday, January 12. The single is part of his upcoming album, and fans can also anticipate his directorial debut, named “Tribal Mark”.

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