DopeNation ignites summer with dance-floor anthem ‘Zormizor (Asabone)’

DopeNation is set to dominate the summer soundscape with their electrifying new single, “Zormizor (Asabone).” Renowned for their energetic Afrobeat and Highlife fusion, the twins have once again captured the essence of a perfect summer jam, destined to become a staple on dance floors everywhere.

“Zormizor (Asabone)” seamlessly blends vibrant Afrobeat rhythms with contemporary pop, delivering a chorus that is both infectious and memorable. The repeated chants of “Zormizor zor” and “Mizorzor zor” are sure to resonate with listeners, making it impossible not to move to the beat.

Lyrically, the song is a playful exploration of desire and infatuation. With lines like “Your back view dier only God / E dey confuse mor,” The Ghanaian musical duo crafts a narrative of admiration and longing, perfectly encapsulating the light-hearted and fun spirit of summer romance.

In an exclusive statement, DopeNation shared their vision for the track, saying: “We wanted to create a song that would make people want to move. We think ‘Zormizor (Asabone)’ is going to be a summer anthem.” 

This latest release follows their tradition of creating music that not only entertains but also brings people together on the dance floor. As the temperatures rise, so will the volume on “Zormizor (Asabone),” making it a must-have for any summer playlist.

To experience the magic firsthand, listen and stream “Zormizor (Asabone)” here.

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