Daniel Kaluuya stars as Black Panther Activist Fred Hampton in Biopic “Judas And The Black Messiah”

The first trailer for Warner Bros. “Judas and the Black Messiah” has premiered, and it traces the rise and assassination of Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Chicago Chapter of The Black Panther Party, by the FBI.

Produced by Ryan Coogler and directed by Shaka King, this gripping story stars Daniel Kaluuya as Hampton, Lakeith Stanfield as William O’Neal and Jesse Plemons as the cop who corralled O’Neal into becoming an informant.

It also stars Ashton Sanders, Algee Smith, Dominique Fishback and Martin Sheen.

The gripping movie with themes of revolution and resistance is scheduled to open at some point in 2021.

In the brief tease centred around a single scene, we see Hampton preaching and calling for revolution while the narrative shifts in and out of that core moment to provide context on the moment in time and the specific narrative, climaxing with a brief “action” montage before returning to the same key moment, with Kaluuya calling for revolution, liberation and freedom as Stanfield nervously applauds while Plemons watches in the crowd.

“You can kill a freedom fighter but you can’t kill freedom,” declares Daniel Kaluuya.

Watch the video below:

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