Unruly woman disrupts Broadway’s “Death of a Salesman” production

Tuesday night’s performance of Death of a Salesman on Broadway was halted by a disruptive woman, who was eventually removed from the theatre by police. 

According to Deadline, the incident happened at the Hudson Theater on 44th Street. 

Patrons, the outlet stated, reported on social media that she was behaving badly during Act 1 of the three-hour play, heckling and generally breaking the spell of the performance. Eventually, star Wendell Pierce tried to reason with the heckler from the foot of the stage.

“He patiently & heroically pleaded with her to leave peacefully despite her insistence that she should be carried out forcefully (she was eventually escorted out by police),” said Instagram user Rubinbooty.

Eventually, the show was stopped and Pierce, who plays Willy Loman, spoke to the woman from the stage. The woman allegedly asked for her money back, and Pierce tried to get ushers to give her cash as a way to end the disruption.

That was apparently not enough, and eventually police arrived to escort the woman out. Pierce then began Act. 2

Death of a Salesman, also starring Sharon D. Clarke, runs at the Hudson through January 15.


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