Skales ignites summer with electrifying new single ‘Jogo’

Skales is set to keep dance floors buzzing all summer long with his latest track, “Jogo.” Produced by the acclaimed Killertunes, according to a statement, “Jogo” is a vibrant ode to life and success, seamlessly blending pulsating rhythms with melodious piano keys to create an irresistible dance anthem.

With a career spanning two decades, the Afrobeats sensation has cemented his place as a beloved icon in the music industry. His 2020 album, Healing Process, showcased a period of personal reflection and growth. Now, with “Jogo,” Skales returns to his roots, delivering a track brimming with his signature energy and dance-inducing beats.

In discussing his inspiration for the song, Skales pointed to his desire to spread happiness and joy. “‘Jogo’ derives from the Nigerian word ‘Jogodo,’ meaning a state of joyous frenzy,” he explains. “It’s my mission to bring joy to my listeners, and ‘Jogo’ is a perfect representation of that.”

“Jogo” is more than just a song; it’s an experience – a celebration of summer fun and positivity. As fans listen and stream, they’ll find themselves swept up in the infectious rhythm that Skales has masterfully crafted.

Fans and everyone ready to feel the beat can dive into the summer vibe and listen to “Jogo” here.

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