SGaWD releases audacious new EP ‘Tha GaWD – Side A’

SGaWD has dropped her highly anticipated EP, Tha GaWD – Side A, following the success of her groundbreaking debut project, Savage Bitch Juice. This new EP is a bold exploration of various genres, blending rap, house, electronica, and afropop into a captivating mix that showcases the Miami-based Nigerian rap sensation’s remarkable versatility as both a rapper and a singer.

The seven-track EP reflects SGaWD’s growth as an artist, embodying her journey of self-discovery and artistic freedom. Each track offers a glimpse into SGaWD’s world, featuring empowering anthems like “Money Prayer,” liberating tunes like “Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor” and introspective tracks like “Talking Too Much.”

Collaborations with talents like Moliy and GRAMMY-nominated producer GMK add further depth to the EP, demonstrating SGaWD’s ability to create new sounds that resonate with listeners globally.

SGaWD’s mission extends beyond her music as she seeks to challenge and redefine the expectations of Nigerian women in the arts and creative industries. She advocates for access to resources that are free from exploitation and is deeply committed to creating supportive environments for female artists.

Tha GaWD – Side A is a testament to SGaWD’s hard work, her willingness to learn and evolve, and her unwavering faith in her path, making it an essential listen for anyone eager to experience the future of international rap music.


  1. Money Prayer
  2. Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor
  3. BoyToy
  4. Juicebox (featuring Moliy)
  5. Cool
  6. Talking Too Much
  7. Fav Gurl

Connect with SGaWD on  Instagram, X and TikTok.

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