Victor AD features Bella Shmurda on inspirational anthem “Eye Clear”

Victor AD, renowned for his breakout hit “Wetin We Gain,” teams up with rising star Bella Shmurda to release a new motivational track titled “Eye Clear”. The song, set to lead the Nigerian music sensation’s upcoming album “Realness Over Hype,” serves as a reflective journey through the artiste’s struggles and triumphs in the music industry.

In the poignant lyrics of “Eye Clear,” says a statement, Victor AD shares personal anecdotes, recalling the challenges he faced on his path to success since his emergence in 2014. The song carries a message of resilience and gratitude, urging listeners to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Victor AD’s introspective verses are complemented by Bella Shmurda’s dynamic delivery, creating a powerful synergy between the two artists.

Drawing inspiration from the Ajegunle legends Baba Fryo and Oritse Femi, Victor AD invokes their timeless message of perseverance, stating, “Tell dem say, our eye don clear, tell dem say, our eye don open”. This homage adds depth and nostalgia to the track, highlighting the influence of past icons on the present generation of artistes.

Produced by Napji, “Eye Clear” is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting listeners to experience its uplifting message firsthand. With its infectious beat and inspiring lyrics, the song promises to resonate with audiences worldwide, offering a reminder that hard times are temporary and blessings abound for those who persevere.

Listen to “Eye Clear” here and connect with Victor AD on Instagram and          for a journey of reflection, resilience and triumph.

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