Ronnie Radke calls out Playboi Carti over alleged merch theft

Falling in Reverse lead singer Ronnie Radke has reignited his dispute with rapper Playboi Carti over alleged merchandise design theft in a heated social media exchange, per Despite a legal settlement in 2022, Radke’s recent comments suggest lingering animosity.

Radke detailed their conflict on social media: “Put my band name on a shirt, I asked him nicely to take it down, he can keep the money, just take it down. He replied, ‘my bad I got you.’” According to Radke, Carti ignored multiple warnings, leading to legal action. “He tried negotiating a small %, I said get f@cked I’m taking 100% and also he paying my lawyer fees. He ultimately settled for 100% sent me all the profit and asked me to stop talking about him online.”

The clash began in 2021 when Radke accused Carti of copying merchandise designs for his Whole Lotta Red Tour. Radke demanded Carti cease using his band’s name, threatening to take all profits if the designs remained. 

Radke’s social media posts included a screenshot of a cease and desist letter sent to Carti, emphasising his legal rights over the Falling in Reverse trademark. Despite settling the matter legally, Radke’s recent outbursts indicate unresolved tension between the rock and rap artists.


  • Featured image: layboi Carti/Joseph Okpako/WireImage


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