Prof Salubi Onakufe’s Retrospective Exhibition opens at Iwalewa Gallery

Iwalewa Art Gallery in Lekki opens its doors to the much-anticipated solo exhibition, “A Retrospective of Selected Works,” by the eminent Nigerian artist, Prof. Salubi Onakufe. Born in 1952 in Sapele, Delta State, Prof. Onakufe’s journey through the realms of art and academia unfolds in a captivating showcase of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures spanning from 1978 to 2023.

Curated by Dr. Afuevu Onakufe and Fermi Williams, the exhibition offers a thoughtful random selection of works from 1978 to the present.

Medium: Acrylic & oil on board
Dimension: 31×24 inches:1991

According to Iwalewa Gallery, special appreciation goes to Professor Bruce Onobrakpeya for his invaluable guidance and assistance, especially in handling works in his custody since 1986.

The exhibition invites Lagos art enthusiasts, international art collectors and gallery owners to immerse themselves in the captivating showcase at Iwalewa Art Gallery from November 25th to 30th, 2023. The thought-provoking works, spanning from realism to abstraction, promise a journey through Prof. Salubi Onakufe’s artistic evolution.

The gallery, located at 29A Chris Madueke Drive, Lekki Phase One, becomes a haven for art lovers to witness the mastery of Professor Salubi Onakufe, whose creations breathe life into canvas and paper, telling stories of resilience, culture, and the uncharted territories of the human spirit.

Prof. Onakufe, a maestro moulded at Auchi Polytechnic, transcended the boundaries of conventional education, weaving a narrative of passion and dedication in his artistic endeavours. His academic odyssey, extending to the University of Missouri, paved the way for specialisation in Art Education, with a focus on the captivating world of printmaking. Achieving a PHD in Art Education and earning the title of Professor of Printmaking from The African American University, Port-Novo-Republic of Benin in 2020, marked a significant chapter in his scholarly and artistic identity.

For 35 years, Prof. Onakufe left an indelible mark at The College of Education, Warri, shaping minds and artistic identities as the Head of Department Fine Art and three-time Dean of The School of Vocational Education. His influence extended beyond the studio, creating a legacy of creative learning.

As the President of the Visual Printmakers Association of Nigeria (VPAN), Prof. Onakufe continues to orchestrate a symphony of printmaking brilliance, enriching the artistic landscape of the nation. The Oyoma Visual Arts Studio & Gallery, a space where Prof. Onakufe, a true studio master, showcases his magic, stands not just as a space for creation but as a testament to the passion and devotion he pours into his craft.

For more information, visit Prof. Salubi Onakufe’s Blog


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