Unveiling “WATERSIDE,” theatrical spectacle set to enchant Lagos in December

The stage is set for the much-anticipated debut of “WATERSIDE” this December at the Agip Recital Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos.

“WATERSIDE” promises a gripping tale that the producers say will hold audiences spellbound until the very end.

In an extraordinary display of skill, two exceptionally talented performers, Moshood Fattah and Stan Act, will bring to life a whopping 15 characters. Supported by two musicians and over 40 technical team members, the production promises to be a theatrical marvel.

Expect nothing short of a sensory explosion as “WATERSIDE” boasts stunning visuals, a musical extravaganza, and unparalleled technical and directorial brilliance. The stage is primed to ignite with creativity and innovation.

Amidst the laughter and tears, “WATERSIDE” offers a perfect escape from the challenges of the times. This theatrical gem promises both humour and emotion, making it a must-attend event for friends and family alike.

Hence, mark your calendars for December 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th, 2023. The Agip Recital Hall will host two daily shows at 2 pm and 6 pm, ensuring everyone gets a chance to witness this theatrical extravaganza.

Tickets go for as low as ₦10,000

Don’t miss the chance to secure your seats early! Take advantage of a 25% discount on Early Bird Tickets. Visit https://www.kininsokoncepts.com/show/waterside/ to reserve your spot.

The producers who invite theatre enthusiasts to make “WATERSIDE” a highlight of their December, add that it is not just a play; it’s a cultural phenomenon, an artistic triumph that promises to leave audiences in awe. Get ready to witness the magic unfold on the Lagos stage this December!

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