Onyeka Nwelue releases “Break Your Heart,” the first single off his forthcoming album “Quimbombó”

Nigerian smooth jazz and soul artiste, Onyeka Nwelue, has released his first official single, “Break Your Heart,” off his forthcoming album “Quimbombó”. Nwelue is a well-known writer, filmmaker, and formerly an Academic Visitor at the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford and Visiting Scholar to the Centre for African Studies in the University of Cambridge. He has written 25 books, including the award-winning book “Hip-Hop is Only for Children”.

According to Nwelue, the single was conceived during his time in and out of psychiatry in Mexico, where he was getting treatment. 

It was a healing tool, he said, after a major heartbreaking scandal at the University of Oxford, where he was maligned. To heal, he wrote the song, an ode to Oxford, for pushing him away after all the work he did there. It was him, saying to them, “I will take all the knowledge and contacts I managed to absorb while there and move into the sky”.

Nwelue worked with an in-house producer, Eternal Africa, to produce the single, now available on various streaming platforms.

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