Bimbo Ademoye: From sexy secretary to comic star

Bimbo Ademoye is an award-winning Nollywood actress who has carved a niche for herself in the industry with her comic and hilarious videos on social media. 

The light-skinned  Ademoye, known for her characters such as Todowede and Selina, has recently taken on a new persona, Iya Barakat, which earned her a nomination in the content creators’ category of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

In a recent interview with The Guardian, she shares her journey into acting, her preference for comedy roles and her desire to challenge herself with different genres.

Ademoye started her acting career on a positive note, thanks to the mentorship of Uduak Isong, a renowned producer and writer, she says she was lucky to have met, who protected her from the pitfalls of the industry and gave her a chance to showcase her talent.

“I didn’t experience the issue of sleeping with producers because of roles. She was more like a mother to me when I started out. She took me under her wings and was very protective of me. So, the journey has really been a smooth one for me,” she says.

Bimbo reveals that she used to play sexy roles such as the secretary, the husband snatcher, or the boyfriend stealer, until Uduak gave her a different role that changed her career trajectory.

“She gave me a role different from what I was used to and since then, it has been amazing. People started calling me to come and act in a comedy role, feature in this and that. It has really been very wonderful since then. I can say I owe that woman a lot for the opportunity she gave to me,” she says.

Bimbo admits that she loves comedy roles more than serious ones, because she enjoys making people laugh. She says comedy comes naturally to her and she has created several characters online such as Todowede, Selina and Iya Barakat, who are all from Ebute-Meta.

“I started the Iya Barakat character like a joke and here we are getting recognised to the extent of getting a nomination. So, the character roles of Todowede, Selina and Iya Barakat are all from Ebute-Meta. However, as a versatile actor, I can transcend from one role to another not necessarily sticking to one genre,” she explains.

However, Bimbo also says that she is not tired of comedy roles, but she wants to slow down on them and take up more challenging roles that will show her range as an actor.

“Everybody knows that I am funny at this point, and I say that with all humility. So, I am tired of funny scripts. That is why I need something different. Let me show you that I can make you cry just like I can make you laugh. Let me show you that I can make you to be surprised just like I can make you laugh. I am not saying that I am tired of comedy or funny roles but let me slow down on that a little bit,” she states.

Bimbo also shares what she considers as the qualities of a good movie, which include a good storyline and perfect casting. She says she doesn’t care about the budget of the movie as long as the script is well-written and well-followed.

“Just give me an amazing actor that will give me the same amount of energy that I will give to him or her. Make sure your storyline is top notch and you must follow your story line. Don’t give me something in script and when we get to the movie location, you are saying something else entirely,” she adds.

Bimbo expresses her gratitude for her talent and her fans who have supported her throughout her career. She says there is no her without them and she appreciates every one of them.

“I am super grateful for my talent. I am super grateful for everybody who watches my movies. I appreciate every one of them. There is no me without them. It is not possible to film myself and be watching and give myself millions,” she says.

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