Afropolis to Celebrate Chinua Achebe’s 90th Birthday with a 2-Day Event

The phenomenal Chinua Achebe has left his footprints on the sands of time as an outstanding novelist, poet, professor, critic, and ultimately, an inspiration to many especially in the world of arts in Nigeria and beyond.

The literary genius and author of the masterpiece, “Things Fall Apart” was born on November 16, 1930. In commemoration of his posthumous 90th birthday, Afropolis has put together an interdisciplinary exploration of his life’s work.

This event is a two-day gathering billed for November 15 and 16, 2020, and will be a creative attempt to remember, to reincarnate and to reinvigorate the grandeur of his eloquence, his interest in extracting old concerns from the new, as well as his lifelong commitment to the questions of human dignity.

The latest #ENDSARS movement provides a perfect backdrop for this special event; a period of unrest and unprecedented mass protest across Nigeria, led mainly by the youths. On social media, the language of both words and images is that of the immediate, the now, and the urgent. Yet the pernicious disposition of the Nigerian police, elites and leaders is rooted in an inescapable history of many failed attempts to chart the course of a nation. Today, one might say that we have been presented with another opportunity to draw a definite line between the old and the new. But we all know that history has a thing for self-repetition.

The digital event, starting with a welcome message from Chinua Achebe’s son, Chidi Achebe, will feature 8 different panel sessions with high-level luminary speakers from different part of the world, visual and literary art exhibitions from renowned artists from Nigerians at home and abroad, monologues from Achebe’s writings, performance poetry, films, dance, related podcasts and music for free.

Register Now on to build your schedule and join this special gathering of 90+ Nigerian artistes, from 30 cities at home and abroad, in the commemoration of the great Chinua Achebe.

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