Mz Kiss & Ice Prince release romantic anthem ‘Bella’

Afrobeats luminaries Mz Kiss and Ice Prince have teamed up for their latest single, “Bella,” a sultry love song produced by the talented Psycho. This collaboration marks a notable moment in the genre, bringing together two artistes known for their lyrical prowess and vibrant performances.

“Bella” is more than just a song; it’s an ode to the magnetic pull of love and the safety of finding a true partner. The track showcases a seamless blend of English, Pidgin English and Yoruba, adding layers of emotional depth and cultural richness. Mz Kiss and Ice Prince take turns delivering verses that capture the intense attraction and comforting security of a perfect match.

In discussing the inspiration behind “Bella,” Mz Kiss shares, “I wanted to create a song that celebrates the feeling of being drawn to someone special. It’s about letting loose and enjoying the moment, but also recognizing a deeper connection.” This sentiment is palpable throughout the track, with its infectious hook and irresistible rhythm that leaves listeners wanting more.

The production by Psycho underscores the song’s romantic theme with smooth beats and harmonious melodies, making “Bella” a standout addition to any playlist. Fans can listen and stream the track on major platforms now, experiencing the magic that Mz Kiss and Ice Prince have crafted.

Stay updated with Mz Kiss on Instagram & X, and stream “Bella” here to feel the love.

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