MI Abaga, Banky W, Dede Mabiaku, Others Make A stand Against the Social Media Bill.

In the wake of yesterday’s concerted effort to shutdown the Hate speech bill, popularly known as the ‘Social Media Bill’ by selected members of the citizenry, the bill which had already passed the first stage, received a quiet blow when from a cross section of 60 members of the citizenry, only two spoke in support of it.

Today celebrities gathered at an event organized by creative agency Tasck in collaboration with music superstar, MI Abaga in a town hall type session where the bill in question was analyzed and the rhetorics behind its far-reaching implication demystified.

Influential personalities like MI, Dede Mabiaku, Kate Henshaw, Banky W and the CEO of Osiwa took turns to expatiate on what the proposed bill entails and the consequences of having such a bill in play in the current socio-economic landscape.

Dotun, Dina and Folu storms and Jeff of BBNaija sat in panel sessions facilitated by MI and addressed the reasons why they as individuals were endorsing fight.

The take away from the event was clearly reiterated by Banky W, as he insistently rehashed the need to take action at the level where we currently are.

  1. Send a message to your government rep.
  2. Register to vote.
  3. Commit to serve in your community.

Taking small, measurable steps is a more noble gesture than just spotlighting the problems.

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