Megan Fox reflects on her new poetry collection

Megan Fox is set to reveal a deeply personal and emotionally charged side of herself with her upcoming poetry book, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous: Poems,” scheduled for release on November 7. In an exclusive interview with People, the Expendables 4 star shared her motivations and inspirations behind this unique project.

The poetry collection promises to be a blend of Megan’s personal experiences interwoven with symbolism and humour, shedding light on what she describes as the “secrets of men” she has held onto. Megan explained, “Some of it is literal, while other parts are allegorical. Some poems contain a Grimm’s-fairy-tale-type element, and others serve the same purpose as memes in online culture.”

For Megan, writing has become a powerful means of catharsis, offering her a space for full self-expression that acting can’t provide. She sees her poetry as something many women can relate to, drawing on her own relationships, past and present, with all their complexities.

Megan’s openness in this collection is not without its risks, as she acknowledged that some of her writings were too graphic and unsettling to share with her editor. Nevertheless, she is unafraid of how the public will receive her work, saying, “I expect a mixture of admiration and vitriol from the public.”

“Pretty Boys Are Poisonous: Poems” is a deeply personal and artistic endeavor that promises to provide readers with a raw and honest glimpse into the world of Megan Fox. Fans can look forward to experiencing her written creativity when the book hits stores tomorrow.

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