Chris Brown accused of buying out Quavo’s concert tickets to embarrass him

recent Quavo concert in Bridgeport, Connecticut has sparked online controversy as video footage reveals a surprisingly sparse audience, per The venue appeared almost empty, with only a small fraction of seats filled, leading many to speculate that Chris Brown orchestrated the embarrassing turnout.

The video, circulating on social media platforms, shows a nearly vacant venue, contrasting sharply with the size of the venue and Quavo’s popularity. Despite the lacklustre turnout, Quavo delivered an energetic performance, maintaining his professionalism throughout the show.

Online speculation suggests that Chris Brown, known for his ongoing feud with Quavo, may have purchased a significant number of tickets to ensure the concert’s failure. This theory echoes similar tactics employed by 50 Cent against Jarule in the past.

Chris Brown vs Quavo/Getty composite

While this accusation seems extreme, it’s not entirely implausible given the history between the two artistes. Quavo recently took a jab at Chris Brown in his song “Over Hoes & Bitches,” further fueling their rivalry.

Chris Brown has yet to respond to these allegations. 

Meanwhile, Quavo’s team has not commented on the matter. Despite the lack of confirmation, fans continue to speculate about Chris Brown’s involvement in the concert’s poor turnout, showcasing the ongoing drama between the two artistes.

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