Madonna responds to lawsuit over late concert start times to Celebration tour

Madonna is facing legal action from two fans, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, who filed a lawsuit over late start times during her ‘Celebration’ tour at New York City’s Barclays Center, per The lawsuit accuses the pop icon of breaching contracts, false advertising, negligent representation, and deceptive trade practices for starting the concert more than two hours past the 8:30PM start time.

In response, Madonna’s representatives and Live Nation issued a joint statement, vowing to vigorously defend the case. They attributed the delay to a technical issue during the soundcheck for the December 13 date, stating that it was well-documented in press reports at the time.

While the tour’s recent European leg received praise, The Guardian highlighted technical difficulties causing delays in Madonna’s London concerts. Fellows and Hadden claimed legal damage due to the late start, affecting fans who had work and family responsibilities the next day.

The lawsuit invoked New York state’s General Business Law 149, alleging violations by Madonna for inaccurate representation of start times and failure to provide notice or refund options.

Despite the legal battle, the ‘Celebration’ tour continues, recently featuring Madonna’s performance at Madison Square Garden with guest judge Amy Schumer for the ‘Vogue’ segment. Schumer joins a list of celebrity judges, including Stella McCartney, Maggie Rogers, and even Santa Claus during this part of the show.

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