Lukka pens love letter to Accra’s streets, dreams and nights with “Chale How Far?”

Lukka has taken the music world by storm with the release of his debut single, “Chale How Far?”. This electrifying track, available for streaming now, is a vibrant homage to the heart and soul of Accra, weaving the city’s essence into every beat.

“Chale How Far?” pulses with an infectious Afrobeat rhythm, a reflection of the relentless drive and boundless aspirations of young Ghanaians. The song poignantly captures the dichotomy of life in Accra, where the pursuit of dreams often coexists with the longing for opportunities abroad. Lyrics like “boys going overseas / for these streets / we going overseas” resonate with many, highlighting the bittersweet reality faced by the city’s youth.

The Ghanaian artiste, born David Nsiah Jackson’s musical journey, now under the banner of Meister Music, seems set to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. His debut single is not just a song but a celebration of Accra’s indomitable spirit. “This song is a celebration of Accra’s spirit,” Lukka explains. “From the bustling streets to the electric nightlife and romantic encounters, ‘Chale How Far?’ captures Accra’s vibe. It’s your Accra soundtrack.”

The release of “Chale How Far?” marks a significant milestone in Lukka’s burgeoning career, promising to elevate Ghanaian music on the global stage. Fans and new listeners alike can connect with Lukka online and stay updated on his latest projects via Instagram.

For a fresh, authentic sound that embodies the vibrant life of Accra, “Chale How Far?” by Lukka is the track to listen to. Stream it now and experience the pulse of the city through Lukka’s eyes and ears here and connect with the artiste on Instagram.

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