Lights Camera Africa film festival opens big!

The opening night of Lights Camera Africa Film Festival yesterday left an unforgettable impression on the minds of the creative community of Lagos.

The night kicked off with a live band music session at the VIP lounge, complete with the mandatory Lagos quick-fix ‘cuisine’ of wine and small chops.

Guests at the event were kunle Afolayan, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Toni Kan, Tobi Abiodun and the convener of the renowned film festival, Ugonma Adegoke.

The audience was treated to an unexpected spectacle at the lounge as they were made to embody an almost surreal experience; a Masquerade dance.

‘Agaba’, the masquerade, described as the warrior spirit with blood-shot eyes fired up a formless, ageless dance ritual that simply transformed the room.

Soon after, the audience moved to the theatre for the main event, the showing of the movie, ‘The Lost Okoroshi’,

‘The Lost Okoroshi’ can only be described as different; employing disillusionment, dispair and displacement as major themes to tell it’s story.
Shot in a classic 4 by 3 framing, a homage to the 90s Nollywood era of making movies.

The night ended with an interview with the movie producer, Abba Makama, by writer and literary critic, Toni Kan.

When asked why his works followed an ecclectic theme, Abba replied, “The Nollywood industry is not supposed to be monolithic, there should be room for an array of alternate film makers.”

The night ended in a much deserved applause; the crowning of the start of a beautiful film festival experience.

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