Cedella Marley’s latest children’s book based on Bob Marley’s “Is This Love?”

Cedella Marley, the eldest child of the legendary Bob Marley, continues to honour her father’s legacy by announcing the upcoming release of her latest book, “Is This Love?” This heartwarming tale, according to DancehallMag, is set to hit the shelves on November 21, adding to Cedella’s impressive portfolio of published works.

In a recent statement, the 56-year-old author expressed her enthusiasm for the project, describing it as more than just a book. “Is This Love” serves as a vibrant and imaginative tribute to the enduring love that binds families together. It conveys a sweet and meaningful message, emphasizing that cherished moments with loved ones are life’s true treasures.

Illustrated by Alea Marley, the book unfolds as a heartwarming story of an older child’s love for their younger sibling. The narrative explores the deep and unconditional love that older siblings often feel for their baby brothers and sisters.

The title “Is This Love” takes inspiration from the iconic Bob Marley and the Wailers’ song of the same name, featured on their 1978 album “Kaya” and later included in the Diamond-selling “Legend” compilation. The song reached No. 9 on the UK Singles chart, and its music video, shot in London, featured a young Naomi Campbell.

Cedella Marley, who also serves as the CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies, has authored several children’s books inspired by her father’s legacy and his timeless songs. Her literary contributions include “The Boy From Nine Miles,” “Every Little Thing,” “One Love,” and “Get Up Stand Up.” Additionally, she has explored various themes in other books, such as her cookbook “Cooking With Herb” and “Redemption.”

Cedella’s diverse body of work reflects her commitment to preserving her father’s message and promoting themes of love, unity, and migration stories for children. As the release of “Is This Love?” draws near, her supporters eagerly anticipate another beautiful addition to her collection of literary treasures.


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