Elisha K teams up with Ric Hassani for ‘I Choose You’ remix

Cameroonian rising star Elisha K has joined forces with Nigerian sensation Ric Hassani to release a remix of his hit single “I Choose You.” 

The song, a fusion of Afrobeat and Afropop, celebrates the power of true love and the courage to defy societal expectations.

Elisha K, known for his versatility as a singer, instrumentalist, producer and songwriter, draws inspiration from the vibrant Nigerian music scene. With a string of successful singles already to his name, Elisha K is determined to make a mark in the industry.

“I Choose You” is a heartfelt declaration of love, with Elisha K passionately proclaiming, “Na you I choose” (It’s you I choose), amidst societal doubts and external pressures. The remix, featuring Ric Hassani, delivers a powerful message about the beauty and resilience of love.

Elisha K/ONErpm

The song’s lyrics, “Say you go cry with me, when I cry / Say you go dance for me, to make me smile,” underscore the theme of unwavering support and commitment in a relationship. Despite the challenges that may arise, the song emphasizes the importance of standing by each other’s side.

Elisha K explains, “This song is for everyone who has ever loved fiercely. It’s about staying true to your heart, even when the world throws challenges your way. True love can be messy, it can be crazy, but it’s always worth fighting for.”

“I Choose You” is a compelling anthem that encourages listeners to embrace love in all its forms. The remix featuring Ric Hassani adds another layer of depth and emotion to the already captivating track.

You can listen to and stream “I Choose You” remix here and follow Elisha K on Instagram and X.

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