Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún out with Ìgbà Èwe, a bilingual poetry collection

Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún’s new book, Ìgbà Èwe his second poetry collection is to be released today, June 30. 

“My second collection of poetry, Ìgbà Èwe goes into the world today. It is a bilingual collection, featuring the translated poetry of Emily R. Grosholz, an American philosopher, poet, and professor,” says Túbọ̀sún in an email anouncing the release.

He says further that the book contains 26 poems with side-by-side English originals, and painting illustrations by Nigerian writer Yẹ́misí Aribisálà.

Professor Karin Barber, he says, calls it a “translation in its fullest sense – managing to convey the spirit of a lived world of experience grounded in the landscape, seasons, and culture of Pennsylvania while bringing it into rapport with the imaginative resources of the Yorùbá poetic repertoire.”

For Professor Rẹ̀mí Rájí, it is “the exemplary art of cultural dialogue across languages, sharing the expressive commonality and currency of childhood consciousness, and extending the frontiers of experiential knowledge, mediated through the lyrical word.”

While Ngugi wa Thiong’o says it is “an enrichment project.”

“Today (June 30, 2021), we will have an hour-and-half of reading, Q&A, and presentation of the book into the world, featuring Emily Grosholz, myself, Ọ̀rẹ́dọlá Ibrahim, Rọ́pò Ewénlá, Ayọ̀délé Ọlọ́fintùádé, Oýndàmọ́lá Abbatty, Gbémisọ́lá Ìsimi, Jídé Sàláwù, etc. There’s also a special guest, Marilyn Nelson, an African American poet and translator,” Túbọ̀sún says of the event moderated by Jùmọ̀kẹ́ Verissimo which takes place on Zoom at 5 pm Lagos time (noon Eastern Time).Register to attend here.

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