Robber Robber announces debut album ‘Wild Guess’

Burlington-based band Robber Robber, featuring Nina Cates on vocals and rhythm guitar, Zack James on drums, Will Krulak on lead guitar, and Carney Hemler on bass, has announced their debut album “Wild Guess,” set for release on July 26, per The band also unveiled a music video for their new single “Backup Plan.”

“I wrote ‘Backup Plan’ while helping a friend through a challenging relationship,” Cates shared in a statement. “The song delves into the unease of knowing something’s amiss but being unsure if addressing it is worth the potential fallout. This theme resonates in both friendships and romantic relationships.”

James and Cates have been musical partners since childhood, forming Robber Robber after engaging deeply with the local DIY music scene. They released the Caldera EP in 2021, which allowed them to refine their unique sound. “With this approach, we were able to really conceptualize and fine-tune what we wanted Robber Robber to be,” the band said. “Our project is very conceptual and hard to pinpoint, which we find refreshing.”

“Wild Guess” features nine tracks, including titles like “Seven Houses,” “Until” and “Machine Wall,” promising a diverse and introspective musical journey for listeners. Fans can check out the “Backup Plan” video on the band’s website and social media platforms.

•Featured image shows Robber Robber/Connor Turque


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