Kelvyn Boy shares an ode to success in new single “On My Way”

Kelvyn Boy has returned to the music scene with his latest hit single, “On My Way.” Following the success of the Ghanaian music star’s 2023 EP, For Tha Kulture, which included popular tracks like “Vero” and “Roma,” Kelvyn Boy is ready to captivate audiences once again.

In this new release, Kelvyn Boy delves into themes of determination, resilience and the relentless pursuit of wealth. “On My Way” serves as his proclamation of unwavering focus on financial success, showcasing his unwavering drive to overcome any obstacles in his path.

The song underscores Kelvyn Boy’s belief that money is the ultimate motivator in life.

Crafted by producer Ghettoboy, the track blends Afrobeats with amapiano elements, providing a vibrant backdrop for Kelvyn Boy’s infectious lyrics and melodies. “On My Way” stands as a celebration of prosperity and abundance.

Fans can now enjoy “On My Way” on all digital streaming platforms, immersing themselves in Kelvyn Boy’s latest musical offering that exudes energy and ambition.

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Listen  to “On My Way” here.

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