Willow takes fans on a sonic journey with new album ’empathogen’

Willow Smith has once again showcased her versatility and growth as an artist with the release of her latest album, empathogen, per hotnewhiphop.com.

Departing from her previous pop punk and post-punk sounds, Willow takes listeners on a journey through alternative, pop rock and acoustic genres in this 12-song project.

The lead single, “symptoms of life,” released in March, set the tone for the album’s unique direction. Willow’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries is evident throughout the album, with tracks like “the fear is not real,” “false self,” “home,” and “run!” standing out as highlights.

Willow ‘empathogen’

In a recent interview with popsugar.com, Willow expressed her excitement about the album, acknowledging the risks involved in trying something new. “This whole album is different from anything I’ve done, and I’m just so excited for people to hear it,” she said. “You always take a little bit of a risk, but I’m a risk-taker, what can I say?”

With its diverse range of sounds and Willow’s acrobatic vocal performances, empathogen is already generating buzz in the music world.

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