Zukiswa Wanner Photo credit: Ake Book and Arts Festival

Interviews and profiles in TheLagosReview 2023

Interviews and profiles help us understand the mindsets of writers, actors, musicians and creatives of various stripes.

This year, we journeyed deep into the interior landscapes of several creative minds to excavate the process and motivations behind the works that wow and amaze.

We spoke to award winners, wave-makers, tast-makers and debutantes, all of them offering us glimpses of their creative process, drives, inspiration and motivation.

These conversations are eye opening, hilarious, enriching and inspiring.

Meet Beebee Bassey: The singing sensation who wove her struggles into melodies— Temitayo Olofinlua

“Before my mother got on the pulpit to preach, I was right there, singing,” Blessing Bassey closes her eyes as she belts out an old gospel number and recalls how her small voice filled up the church. With a small round face but a voice that shook the church walls, young Blessing, aka Beebee, was destined for the stage… Continue reading

Ego Ihenacho opens up about leaving Lagbaja’s band and solo triumphs

Singer and actress Ego Ihenacho has revealed that Lagbaja was supportive when she told him she was leaving his band. Ego, who left the band in 2006, disclosed this in an interview with QEDNG publisher Olumide Iyanda in which she spoke about her experience working with the masked musician and her journey as a solo artiste… Continue reading

A Decade of Resonance: The enduring legacy of “Kakadu the Musical” — Terh Agbedeh

In the world of Nigerian theatre, the 10th anniversary of Kakadu the Musical stands as a milestone, marking a journey that began with its premiere in early 2013. Developed by the visionary writer and producer, Uche Nwokedi, the play exceeded expectations, earning recognition from the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP)… Continue reading

Toni Kan in Conversation with Zukiswa Wanner who says – “I am not a writer. I am an author; an authority and if you want to be an excellent writer, read my books”

The most important thing obviously, for everybody is, uh, read and read widely so you know how to craft your stories, but, uh, if you really want to be an excellent writer, read my books in particular… Continue reading 

It feels great that I can create good literature in multiple genres — Obari Gomba

Obari Gomba is a prolific writer known for his contributions across various genres. His latest play, Grit has been shortlisted for the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature, bringing recognition to his talent once more.  In this interview with thelagosreview, we delve into the mind of this university professor to understand the inspiration behind Grit, the impact of his global experiences on his writing, and the broader social and political themes that resonate throughout his work… Continue reading

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