Ibejii out with “Gonto”, new music and new sound

Ibejii, the afro-soul artiste, has released a new single, “Gonto”. Out Friday, June 11, 2021, it is an afro-orchestral anthem that takes the listener on a journey which at once captures the casual insensitivity of the powerful but also the daring of a new generation of believers whose defeat of fear makes confrontation inevitable. 

A reputed storyteller, poet, thinker and romantic, Ibejii’s essence is a fine balance of “Taiye Kehin”, the physical and the transcendent, time worn and timeless. Ibejii’s sound is a fine blend of African vibes and international sound; a unique blend of storytelling. 

Coming off his as yet unannounced 5th project, “Gonto” recounts the victory of tiny masquerades in the face of a selfish big masquerade that will not let other voices rise. “Gonto” is Ibejii’s celebration of the ultimate victory of ordinary people over those who oppress and silence us.  For more information about Ibejii, checkout his bio at www.ibejii.com. 

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